LED Växtlampa med Nasa Teknologi E27

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Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

LED växtlampa som hjälper dina växter växa året runt. Passar även till ställen där det råder brist på solljus eller där solen inte kan inte nå. Använder sig av samma teknik som NASA har på sina rymdskepp. Kan även användas som läslampa!




100% Brand new !

Newest 2835 SMD LED growing spot lights.

Advanced LED grow lights that consuming less electricity, and create less heat, not only provides intense, effective lighting for indoor gardening system but also make the garden cool.

The color is cover 430~760nm, make up the environment can not provide the special wavelength(just as the trace elements for human body, indispensible).

The LED could act as the sole light source for the indoor garden.

With a flexible clip, easy to adjust all directions, also equipped a long cable with switch.

The clip can highlighting specific area of wall, plants, floor or ceiling or as a bedside/reading lamp.

Comfortable and bright lighting environment.

Suitable for all stages of plant growth, increasing yield and decreasing growth circle, makes your plants flourish!

For hydroponics vegetables, herbs and flowering plants, bar/shop decor, also fit for lab experiments.



Base: E27 screw

LED Chip: SMD 2835

Material: Metal + PBT plastic

Shell Color: White

Plug: EU

Cable Length: About 1.7m / 5.54ft

Flexible Tube Length: About 28cm / 11.2"

Input Voltage: AC 220V (compatible 200~240V)

Lighting: Blue(430nm 440nm 450nm 460nm 470nm 480nm 490nm, help plants growing);

Red(620nm 630nm 640nm 650nm 660nm 670nm 680nm 690nm 760nm, help plants flowering)

Lifespan: >20000 hours

Working temp: -10~+50?

Approval: CE RoHS

Size: (1W=80~100 lumens)


Package Included

1 X LED Lamp

1 X Lamp Holder Clip