1800Pa Multifunktionell Robotdammsugare 3-i-1 Automatisk Uppladdningsbar Smart Soprobot Torr Våt Sopdammsugare

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Robotdammsugare i slimmad design, med en höjd på endast 6 cm kommer den åt överallt, under soffan, bordet eller bänken. Välj mellan dammsugning eller moppning med en inbyggt smart intelligent knapptryck. Med en körtid på hela 100 minuter och en stor dammbehållare kan du fokusera på annat och låta robotdammsugaren göra jobbet! Dammsugaren laddas smidigt via USB. Välj mellan vit, svart eller grå färg. Snabb leverans!

Leveranstid: 5-15 dagar (EU lager)


1. Switch mode: Press the host switch , and the sweeper enters the working mode working lamp to light up . Press the host switch again and turn off the sweeper.
2. Charging mode: Connect the Micro- USB head of the USB cable to the charging port of the sweeper and connect the USB head to the converter for charging .
3. Charge Status: The charging indicator light is on. indicating that the charging is being charged and the OFF indicates that the charging is complete and the general charging time is about 2-3 hours .Function: One-button start, sweeping, mopping, vacuum cleaner, USB charging, universal driving, automatic avoidance obstacles, anti-drop, low noise, intimate, low repetition, high coverage

Cleaning of the Dust Box:(Dirt may be blown out of the inlet, so please empty the dust box after each use.)
1. The dust box is located at the bottom of the machine, pull the plug to turn outward.
2. Open the dust box, clean up the dirt inside, wipe out residuals using a dried damp cloth.
3. Place the dust box back into the machine.
Multiple Cleaning Mode.OBS Terrain Detection System.65mm Slim Design.65db Low Noise Mute.65DB low noise mute gives you a quiet environment.500pa Strong Suction:It easily absorbs dust, hair, paper, and reduce pollution.10mm Climbing:It's has 10mm climbing function, 15 degrees climbing height.1800PA Super Strong Suction.
Intelligent Drop Avoidance Induction.

Large Cleaning Area.
Battery: 3.7V 1200MAH
Working time: about 100 minutes
Charging time: about 150 minutes
Cleaning area: 150m2
Working voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 3W
Dust box: about 400ML

Packing list

Package Contents:
1* intelligent sweeping robot
1* charging cable
2* brush
1* blanket