50 st Engångsskyddsmask KN95-mask 3 lager Anti-bakteriell ansiktsskydd FFP2 FFP3 Anti Dust Mask

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199 kr

Skydda dig mot farliga bakterier, virus, pollen och farliga föroreningar med den här smarta ansiktsmasken.

Leveranstid: 12 till 28 dagar



Function:Dust proof, haze, pollen, particulate matter, PM2.5, bacteria, etc. 

Knowledge about how individuals can prevent:

1. Do not participate in various public activities. During the epidemic prevention period, reduce outing activities, do not go out to play, do not participate in various parties, not to shopping malls, entertainment and other public places activities.

2. Wear a mask and wash your hands. Wherever you go, wear a mask whenever you go out. This is the most basic measure to prevent the spread of droplets. Also, wash your hands frequently.

3. Actively detect your physical condition. Take your temperature regularly. Especially for the elderly and children in the family, it is recommended to take the temperature once a day. And always pay attention to personal symptoms, if a high fever, cough and other symptoms occur, go to the hospital in time.

4. Keep the home environment clean and good personal hygiene. The room is often cleaned, ventilated, and disinfected; use your own toiletries, cups, and tableware, and often disinfect with medical alcohol; during the epidemic prevention period, try not to eat raw animals, seafood, etc.