Smart Dubbelsidig Cykelväska MTB

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349 kr

Smart dubbelsidig cykelväska som enkelt kan fästas vid bakdelen av din cykel.


*1. Simple and convenient installation.

*2. It can be removed at any time for easy carrying.

*3. There are reflective bars at the rear to increase night driving.

*4. Multi-bag design, multiple plug-ins.

*5. The outermost design has a mesh bag for easy access.

*6. The inside is made of imitation leather PVC, which is durable.


Applicable: Suitable for all models with rear shelves

Specifications: Top side length 31.5CM; Bottom side length 23CM; Height 31.5CM; Width: 16CM (single size)

Capacity: about 15 liters on one side, about 30L on both sides

Weight: 660G