Smart Cykellampa Framlampa 800 Lumens + Baklampa 4000 mAh Inbyggt Horn Uppladdningsbart

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Smart cykellampa med inbyggt horn. Dess smarta design släcker automatisk av ljusen när du slutar cykla. Dessutom ingår en liten smart baklampa. Läs ned för mer information.


When you shake the bicycle light, it will make a spring noise. This is the vibration sensor inside it. Its role is in smart mode. when you stop using the bicycle light for more than 4 minutes. It will automatically turn off the light. When it feels the vibration. It will automatically light up.

Product information:

Size: 10.8*5.2*4.4cm
Color: Black Blue Red
Material: ABS plastic

Real 800 lumens
Built-in 4000mAh battery
Double T6 lamp beads
Touch Waterproof Power Switch
IPX6 Waterproof
Built-in 120dB Bell
Bell cable: 40cm
USB Rechargeable

Smart induction:

When you stops Cycling for more than 4 minutes. The bicycle light will automatically turn OFF(In smart mode)
When the bicycle light feels the vibration. It will automatically turn ON

Smart induction model:

When the outside light is enough. It automatically dims
When the outside light is dimmed. It automatically brightens

Right side: flat floodlight
Left side: raised spotlight
(Please note: both lights on sides only illuminate at the same time in warning mode)


1*Bicycle light +1*Rear Light