USB-adapter med Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Musik PC Tangentbord Skrivare Smartphone

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Utrusta din dator med Bluetooth 5.0 genom att plugga den här smarta USB-adaptern. Via Bluetooth 5.0 kan du ansluta enheter såsom tangentbord, möss, mobiltelefoner och andra enheter som har stöd för Bluetooth. Efter du har kopplat in Bluetooth-adaptern ansluter du bara dina Bluetooth-enheter till din dator. Det stöder olika Bluetooth-enheter på samma gång.


-Super Mini Size -Support plug and play -Universal USB 3.0 2.0 Port,work stably for a long time. -Supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices. -Bluetooth 5.0 chip,BLE low power. -Compatible with V4.2 V4.1 V4.1 -Usage for mobile phone,wireless eraphone,headset,gamepad,mouse,keypad,keyboard,printer etc bluetooth devices


1.Only work for Windows (32 and 64bit) System Computer PC,Laptops.

Not support MacOS,Linux,Car System,Smart TV System.

2.Use For Bluetooth Devices Connect,Audio/Files Transfer; No Microphone.

Files Transfer need Use"Send a file"/"Receive a file"function at first.

3. The transmission distance is determined by the performance of the receiving and sending devices.

Please reduce obstacles between device connections. ---Please make sure that your windows computer system has not been modified or streamlined, and the system update function has not been disabled. ---Please disable the Built-in Bluetooth Devices of the computer before using this adapter. ---If there is no response when the adapter is plugged into the USB port, please try another USB port or try another computer. ---If it still does not work, please contact customer service for additional help.