SSD 4TB USB/Typ-C-gränssnitt med hög kapacitet Mobile Mini hårddisk Extern hårddisk För datorer/smarttelefoner

I lager.
879 kr

429 kr

  • Plats för 4 TB data
  • Kompatibel med USB 3.1
  • Kom igång snabbt med Plug n’ play
  • Ingen strömsladd behövs
  • Finns i 4 olika färger

Max 2 st köp per kund.


Function: True plug and play, easy installation without software, Tpye-c interface for high-speed data transmission

Compatible with Windows / Mac / Linux / Android, compact design, easy to carry, Plug and play. Ultra-fast data transmissionspecifications:, interface: USB /Type-c, It is recommended that you format and set the EXFAT file system (please use WIN7 and above) ◆◆

Note: Cannot format with NTFS
According to the international standard 1000KB = 1MB, actual capacity = capacity x 0.93, please note.

Kind tips:
1.The mobile hard disk is not suitable for IOS system mobile devices. If you are using an Apple computer, you can download the "mounty" software in the Apple store. After downloading, you can use it normally, thank you.
2. This product is not suitable for ps4, not for xbox and other game consoles.

(1) Sleek, Thin, and Metal, easy-to-use, highly flexible protection for your files
(2) Portable External hard drives
(3) Adopts imported extraordinary space steel material
(4) Delivers handy portable storage
(5) Easy to take wherever you go
(6) USB 3.1 Type- c powered portable add-on storage, compatible with USB 3.1
(7) Plug and play, easy to use with no software to install
(8) Provides ample storage space for your music, movies and other files